Oh boy!

Feb 08

Ivo’s Corset! This looks bad.

Since you seem a bit light on Archie submissions, I thought I’d introduce you to minor Fleetway/STC villainess, Cam: Badnik repair specialist and nightmare shepherdess. I think her design problems relate to two minor, trifling points:

1) Her body:

2) her body + her face. HER FACE. HER FAAACE.

You’re welcome. (STC issue 32 and 33, if you’re a glutton for punishment).

(Guest Submission)

Spend enough time on the internet and you’ll find that even this is not enough to deter some.





Feb 05

Anonymous said: What's your opinion on the actual concepts Ken created for the book, regardless of their execution?

I try not to get into writing questions but I will this time-

Good concepts, poor execution. Poor execution then turns around and turns good concepts into “Who ever thought that this was a good idea!?” Etc.

Not just poor execution, but poor integration as well.

I’m not going to get into it deep with examples or anything- I find writing more subjective than art. If you fuck up drawing a hand, you fuck up drawing a hand. If you fuck up writing in a character’s extended family, well.

I’m probably going to have to do a bulk mail reply soon.

Jan 27

Anonymous said: So uh, is BobR talking out of his ass or is he seriously implying Archie lost the rights?

Where would he be saying that?

I personally wouldn’t put stock in what he says anywhere because of my extremely poor opinions of him, but that’s a personal thing.

Hello /co.

You’re running a marathon and you don’t send any of your discoveries to me? Tsk tsk!

Glad to see that microwaving babies is still a popular past time.

Dec 30

Anonymous said: Has Archie really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?


Well, I’ve managed to remove AMoAS off my personal. It was stupidly simple and I feel dumb for not thinking of it sooner, but it is what it is. It’s still a secondary, nothing that can be done about that, but at least now it’s attached to another account. Yeehaw.

I can now respond to messages privately.

Dec 29

Anonymous said: I swear, if they kill off Julie-su I'm going to be freakin pissed! Do you think that's the way things are going especially with this pansy-ass lawsuit?

Spoilers below or something-

Most recent issue doesn’t suggest she’s dead, just warped off to another, undisclosed location (along with Saffron). Warp rings seem to be the method of choice for ‘storing’ characters.

Dec 28

Anonymous said: what are your thoughts on this whole current mess penders has rendered the current comic arc into? are the echidnas *really* gone, or, is archie just brushing them aside for now until things cool off? i'm finding mixed messages in my search for the facts, i was hoping you could straighten them out!

My thoughts? You’d have to take them with a pinch of salt because I honestly don’t know any more than anyone else and I probably can’t straighten out any ‘facts’. I’ve heard some mumblings that the timing of the comic’s writing period (comics are written months in advance) coincides with the time period of Archie firing their previous legal team in the copywrite case. So it may have to do with the new legal team telling them to ixnay on anything linked to Penders for safety’s sake. At the very least, the echidnas have been ‘disposed of’ in a non-permanent matter- depending on how things go with the settlement, they can be easily retrieved if needed. It seems to be fucking up Ian’s plans as of late and I do have to wonder how things were ‘supposed’ to be. Either way I find knowing the politics behind the comics is souring my enjoyment of the comics themselves.

Dec 17

Ben Bates doesn’t draw Minecraft style ENOUGH if you ask me! I don’t know what that person was talking about, there’s a curve on her tail. Hardly Minecraft! With his art you’d think the world had more shapes than squares and rectangles or something, gosh. This has been a problem since the day he was hired.

Here, I have fixed everything wrong with that picture.


(Guest Submission)

Truly an improvement. A++ please tell your mother/father/caregiver to put this on the fridge.