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Would you mind giving a quick run-through of the Ken Penders fallout, for those less educated on the subject (i.e. me and maybe others)?

Alright I’ll try to be concise about it as possible and not let my personal feelings on the man get in the way. Under the Read More for those interested.

Not long ago, Ken Penders filed copyright on all his characters, art, and stories that he made for the comics. Now if you’re not in the US, the way copyright works in the US is the moment that you create something it becomes copyright to you, but for extra security you can copyright through the US Copyright Office.

The US Copyright Office’s job is just to hand out copyrights, not to verify if these copyrights are legal. Basically, it’s up to ‘true’ copyright holders to contest copyrights if necessary.

Ken has expressed interest in obtaining royalties and rights from Archie, and, if Archie does not come to agreements with him, forcing Archie to remove everything pertaining to his work and halt reprints in the archives.

Which is why Archie is now suing Ken Penders, as according to Archie, Penders was working under something called a ‘Work for Hire contract’. That means that anything he created for the book belongs to Archie/SEGA.

Archie has produced a copy of the Work for Hire contract and Penders has claimed said contract is a fake, saying that he had never signed such a thing.

Ken Penders is ALSO suing SEGA and Bioware/EA, claiming that the game “Sonic Chronicles” infringes upon his work (Shade ‘is’ Julie-Su, etc). The reason he is suing them now is because of the statue of limitations- if he waited any longer he’d no longer be able to sue SEGA or Bioware/EA.

Although if he doesn’t win his case against Archie and doesn’t prove that he owns copyright for the materials he created for Archie, than there is nothing he can claim in the SEGA/bioware/EA case.

ALL THE MEANWHILE as the case is going, Penders has been producing and posting teasers for what he is claiming is an original comic/graphic novel series he is producing. Here are the teasers:

… reminding myself not to comment on these and that I’m giving a summary of what’s going on…

Okay. SO ANYWAY. Meanwhile Archie’s owners are brawling, WHICH if not resolved COULD POTENTIALLY lead to Archie, as a company, dissolving. If that does so, Archie would no longer exist. Penders seems to believe this is a good thing and that if that were to happen that he would approach SEGA with ‘better terms’ than Archie had provided in return for the licensing to a Sonic comic.

And that’s about the jist of it all.

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