That moment when I want to critic something art-wise in the comics but I can’t because it’d be spoilers.

Oh wait, that’s what read more is for!

So if you don’t want a spoiler for the first panel of page 3 of 235, don’t look. Got it? Oh, and I took the dialogue out for you, if that makes a difference.

Okay, I’m not talking about the pencils here. I have opinions on Tracy’s work, but that’s not what I need to rant about.

The comics these days have a much higher quality when it comes to pencils and colors, but I’m really, really wishing Terry Austin would be more consistent in his inking. He’s won multiple Eagle awards for his inking, even. But this? Not good. I’ve noticed this disjointed, highly angular inking a few times in the comic, along with lines not being connected, etc.

I’m fairly sure it’s not due to the pencils, as I can see no reason why Tracy would draw a teddy bear or balloons made out of octagons, and because I’ve also seen Ben Bates’ work get the same treatment.

I wish I knew why it was like this. Is this a rush job? Either way, I’d prefer more consistency in the inking- it brings the pencils and coloring down.

OR perhaps I’m an anal retentive nutcase, which is a quality I’m quite aware of in myself.

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