I’ve been looking through some Archie Sonic images for things to submit and, having been inspired by the redlines of Ken Penders’ promotional images that were posted to here, decided to try doing some outlines of particularly bad looking panels of my own. Here’s one of Sally (don’t remember what issue it’s from) that particularly bothered me:


It may not look like much at first glance, but let’s look closer…



Tracy Yardley (or whomever this panel was drawn by) probably doesn’t get paid enough to care about any of this critique, but I do find it sad that Sonic fans as a rule have become so used to warped anatomy and sloppy craftsmanship that we can be handed a picture of a female with her body looking like a tube of squeezed playdough and her head flying off and on most days we don’t bat an eyelid at it.

Also, I didn’t notice until after I did the outline, but I messed up her hand. I hadn’t noticed it was going under her hair at first, and now I see that both sides actually are lumpy and swollen, with one lump being significantly larger than the other. Her palm looks like misshapen buttcheeks.

(Guest Submission)
Gasp. Scandal. Some reason I think this’ll be one of the more controversial posts since it deals with fan favorite Tracy Yardley.

But I’ve said before, every artist has strengths/weaknesses and makes mistakes…

And turning a character into a dog bone deserves to be up here in my opinion.

There’s some stuff from the most recent SU I want to put up on here too, but I need to wait on. Spoilers and such. OR perhaps I can just put it under a read more. HMMM.

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