Clearing up a misconception-

Ken Penders is not suing Archie Comics Publications. ACP is suing him because he copyrighted everything he had done for the book a few years ago. The problem is both are claiming the material belongs to them, and just recently Ken Penders used the copyrights he had claimed to force a company to stop distributing Knuckles Archive #3. So this suit is about who owns the copyrights.

I think this is also a good moment to mention that copyright offices don’t really care too much about who they give copyrights to, and that they regularly let it go to court to decide who ‘really’ owns something. That’s how things like Sonichu end up with a copyright- it’d be up for SEGA and Nintendo to give a shit enough about Sonichu to dispute it to get rid of it- but as it is, it’s not important enough to debate so they don’t. In THIS case, however, Archie does. So that’s why there’s a legal scuffle going on.

Ken Penders IS suing SEGA and EA Games under the claim that Sonic Chronicles was made/includes copyright infringing material. This suit is heavily dependent on the above suit, because if he doesn’t retain the copyrights than… well. Simple logic, right? Though I’ve heard mumble that even if the above doesn’t go well he still plans to go ahead on this, though I admit I’m either not smart enough or potentially not stupid enough to figure out why that would be. But I may of misunderstood what I heard too. Who knows.

So yes, it’s Archie suing Penders, not Penders suing Archie.

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