Thoughts on Ian calling Sally and the rest of the SATAM cast "old, out-dated, niche characters"? As if the two dozen vapid characters SEGA has produced post Sonic Adventure have been anything but those things.

Ah, that. The context helps with that.

But suffice it to say: Sally (and the SatAM cast) are old, out-dated, niche characters.  If they’re to survive, they need to mesh with the way the Sonic franchise looks today.

A bit more context now provided, I’ll continue-

  • They are in fact old. They come from a cartoon that was on air over fifteen years ago.
  • Out-dated? Yes, though some more than others. Some characters have gotten subtle updates over the years- for instance, Antoine. Though you don’t see as many people going ape-shit berserk over Antoine’s appearance changing as much as you do Sally, and considering that he spontaneously grew a tail… I think that’s a bigger change than pants.
  • They are in fact niche characters. They exist within a niche. The show and the comics. They do not exist outside of those two mediums. They continue to exist because they’re beloved to the market of that particular show and this particular comic series. That is a factual statement.
  • I agree that they need to mesh with the Sonic of today. They’re disharmonious with the style of the rest of the SEGA cast. Now before anyone jumps on me being a ‘SEGA purist’ or some other bullshit- I’m actually a huge fan of SatAM. I also know that SatAM is old as shit and that times change. I also know that other things Ian has said indicate that this is probably a mandate from SEGA, as he’s also said 'I want these characters to survive, and I want to explain why (as best I can, restrictions notwithstanding)'. So I think the choice comes down to ‘these characters will no longer exist’ or ‘these characters will change’. So, does it make you a ‘SatAM hater’ to want to see them change, or a ‘SatAM hater’ to want to see them disappear entirely instead and their stories no longer be continued in an official format? 

Also, Sally’s design- I like it and I think the people going nuts over it need to consider that if you go clothes shopping, maybe get some makeup, and get your hair done that you’re not suddenly a new person.

Also, I can’t wait to see ‘new Sally’ go wall-eyed.

It’s on my wishlist, Archie.

And finally, yes. The SEGA characters are two dimensional and underdeveloped.

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