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Anonymous asked:

So the lost ones is a remake of his old books but replace sonic characters with humans… this could be huge potential if we can spot out which character is knuckles or get a gif of the radiate my egg/baby scene.

No, not from what I know.It’s its own thing, from what I’m aware. It was just supposed to be ultimately tied into the Knuckles comics- the threat that Locke saw in his dream was supposedly Dr. Droid, the villain of the Lost Ones. So basically, his character is indirectly responsible for Knuckles’ very birth. Dr. Droid was also supposed to be the big bad at the end of ‘Mobius 25 Years Later’ story from what I heard too.

skankee-doodle asked:

Hi! What do you guys think of Tracey Yardley?

Love-Hate. This is probably going to get me a lot of flack, but whatever, that’s what opinions are for.

Love because

  • He brought up the level of quality to be expected from the book
  • is art is fluid and easy to ‘read’- you can tell what’s going on as opposed to stiff art with no sense of motion like, for instance, Butler
  • He is constantly improving. Compare the art from the middle of his run to the art at the beginning and current and you’ll see what I mean

Hate because

  • He can’t draw echidnas. Their snouts constantly flatten into their faces and their heads become extremely squared off and boxy. I know that Knuckles’ head has ‘corners’ on it when you look at him straight on and is flat at the top, but from the side it’s an egg shape. This is probably really nitpicky of me but it bothers me
  • Females tend to look like male characters + eyelashes. Note that I’m not complaining about their body shape- I prefer how Tracey does it compared to Butler’s supermodels. I mean the faces.Sally is actually a great case study about this, even though I dislike talking about Sally at the exclusion of other female characters. She’s just a really, really good example here. The huge eyebrows and enormous hands thing were something that evolved out of Tracey drawing to her. It makes her look really masculine and a lot like Elias IMHO. If you made her eyebrows scruffy (keeping the size) you’d basically have Elias with a new hairdo.
  • Expressions. A lot of people say Tracey’s art is really expressive. It is, yes. But he has a few expressions he uses over and over which drive me insane. One is the ‘forward scream’. Amy has worn it a few times and I’ve seen some more rabid Amy fans use it as justification of “SEE ARCHIE HATES AMY” because of how goddamn ugly it is.I think I’ve only seen one character wear it well and I really wish it’d stop popping up or he’d change the way he does it. Another is ‘the smug’. If a character is in a posistion of smugness, they will take this expression. No exceptions. It makes the characters feel cookie cutter because they lack small individual personalization of each expression- some displaying emotions more mutely, for instance. It makes it seem like they all have the same exact face with the same exact tool set of expressions. I can’t be the only one that sees this.

sethblizzard submitted:

What is up with General Stryker’s ribcage? Is it diagonal instead of straight?

Bad art!

droptablegames asked:

As a suggestion to deal with the dwindling material; I’d really enjoy if you turned this into a general-purpose “A Moment of Sonic” blog. Professionally made yet horrendous Sonic material of all media formats to critique/laugh at *is* a bottomless well.

Punchline: Sonic 2006. Though to be serious- maybe. This blog has served as a niche enjoyment. I don’t necessarily think filling a niche and completing it is bad. It may be disappointing for viewers, but this blog has done what it had set out to do. There’s always the potential for new things.

Anonymous asked:

Are you going to showcase any more unusual cover art? I’ve been looking through my Sonic Mega Collection’s cover gallery, and the Adventure/Adventure 2 arc has some pretty awkward artwork.

Send some in and we’ll see.

Anonymous asked:

Hey when it comes to spoiling people about Sally, I think saying “Hey, Sally will have a new look” will spoil people almost as much as posting the image itself.


thesoullessstalker asked:

I personally don’t like Sally. Not much at all, and could care less what her new design would be. For me she is a sue, someone that has been shoved down our throats by pairing her with Sonic. Other characters suffer underdevelopment thanks to all the plot and attention drawn to her. Granted,not most times happens. And I do like some of Archie’s plots. But most are bland,boring and predictable. Some plots could have been good but were twisted in favor for something bland and not care for.


thexuntitled asked:

I’m seeing a lot of ‘new’ designs (like the one of Sally you just posted) and am a bit confused. Is this after the supposed “reboot” in 2013 or what is going on? and what is going on with that as well?

I don’t believe it’s connected to the rumored reboot. I haven’t heard anymore on that either- may of just been a rumor designed to stir people up. Time will tell. As for the Sally redesign- she is being redesigned. A design was shown at a comic con by Archie. Some folks love it (I like it, though the boots need tweaking imho), some hate it with a raging roaring passion and have taken to the pen and paper to draw their own ‘fixes’. So that’d be why you’re seeing so many designs. Most are fan-designs.

Anonymous asked:

Would love to hear your thoughts on the encyclopedia

It’s interesting on several fronts. On one hand, I really enjoy seeing all the revised canon that Ian will probably never get to touch on in book because it’d likely never be relevant (a list of names of the guardian’s wives? Neat). On the other hand, it’s sloppy. Famous case is that Rotor’s entry cuts off mid-sentence. I’ve heard it was rushed out the door without proper editing, and maybe tha

Anonymous asked:

I was under the impression Nic was two years older than Nack, yet the new “The Complete Sonic the Hedgehog Comic Encyclopedia” says they are twins. A change in canon, or was I simply mistaken?

I have no idea. I never paid much attention to weasel chronology. If they were twins it would of at least explained why they looked like clones for so long.

smellestine asked:

What are your feelings on sally acorn’s concept through out the entirety of the archie sonic universe? Her redesigns, and choices the artists/writers made and all?

I could draw a line graph on how I’ve felt about Sally over the years. In-fact, I will.

Of course, that’s how I feel about how she was written. I try to avoid talking too much about writing because that’s an extremely subjective thing where with art you can much more objectively say “wow that looks like shit”. Writting you end up with people bickering over “But Franklin wouldn’t do THAT!”, which isn’t something I want to get into.

Don’t take this graph to mean I hate Sally either. If SatAM Sally was on there, she’d be a consistant six. Actually looking at the graph again, #180-#224 should be lower (4 or 3) but I’m too lazy to go back and edit it.

Art wise… Archie then and Archie now are very different beasts, so I’m just going to try and break things down (This is on a DESIGN FRONT ONLY)-

  • Classic, cheek-less Sally was adorable and charming and felt like she fit with Sonic.
  • The worst Sally has ever looked was when Spaz, J-Axer, and Butler drew her with a human body with a animal head stapled on top. And oh yes, I know many people will say that was her best. I don’t share that opinion
  • She looks terrible with giant eyebrows and a dog bone body.
  • Bates has consistently drawn her the best of the new era of comics
  • She looks better orange than she does brown
  • I welcome a new look after so many years. The current design is stale, not timeless

Those of course are my personal thoughts, and knowing how people feel about Sally, I don’t expect people to agree.

Anonymous asked:

Since you’re in the discussion of familial ties and characters not being referenced for legal or sega-related issues, What are your thoughts on Bow the Sparrow apparently replacing Rob o’ the Hedge (and Rob only being referred to in the story as “the King”) in SU 46? Also The Patman also noted on Penders’ forum that “Albion” and “haven” weren’t referred to by name in SSSM #5

I don’t know what to think. I do know that Archie has gotten a new team of laywers recently. It COULD be under the new lawyers’ advisal that Penders related material be avoided when possible, but that’s rampant speculation. I say when possible because the newest issue of STH does have undeniable references (Lien-Da) mixed in with some things that seem ‘obviously’ removed (Albion/Echidna homeland). Either way, I see a lot of people freaking out that Archie hasn’t given any explanation. I really don’t think it’s our right to ask either side of the case to put themselves in jeopardy by explaining things to us. Just sit tight and wait and see what happens.

As for Bow Sparrow and Thorn- they do seem like proxies. But we’ll see.

archiewhatthetails asked:

Holy chao, I should have known there were more bad Sonic comic blogs lol xD Would you like to affiliate? *smacked*

The closest thing I’ve ever done to an affiliate is promote a few blogs.  And now that I’m answering this on the mail bag, people can free to click over to yours. Viola.

Anonymous asked:

Also there was a base in the fanart section. I don’t know whether or not you comment on those or not, but that’s pretty funny to me.

I don’t like bases. I try not to comment on fanart, though. But I’m sure Archie didn’t know it was a base piece.

Anonymous asked:

Not to beat a dead horse, but I think the real reason behind the Sonic fandom is just the format and the era. Videogames were still for “dorks” in the early 90’s, and all those kids are now dorky adults spreading their creep in communities of their own design. On top of that, Sega had a built frenzied fanbase and basically dropped Sonic off the map for a good four years, leaving fans to create fanart/fic/games to fill in the blanks for themselves, which is always fertile soil for creepin’

I know I said I wouldn’t respond or post anything in regard to this subject anymore, but this one is less about ‘people with problems are drawn to Sonic’.

ninetails2000 asked:

I think I sent you something about this a bit ago that you never answered, but what’s your opinion on Rotor being gay in the future and then them covering that up? I really liked Gay Rotor. Because they couldn’t have it out in the open, he avoided being flanderized into a “FAAABULOUS” gay guy, and since it showed up in the future, it’s implied that he’s been gay for a long time. Being gay sort-of added an extra awesome layer to his characterization IMO He was a techno-geek first and gay second..

It’d of been interesting if he were gay. I don’t see why he still can’t be if it’s ‘under cover gay’. There are plenty of homosexual folks who you wouldn’t know it just by looking at them- hell, parents can go years knowing their children very well and never knowing until they come out. Unless Rotor is hooked up with a female all of a sudden and screaming “NO HOMO” at the top of his lungs, I don’t see why he couldn’t still be gay.That said, I also don’t expect Archie to explicitly mention what his sexuality is.

Aaand that’s it. Looking back I see I wrote like I was brain dead with the amount of typos and shit. Going to say I’m tired and run with it.

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