I'm gonna be honest: Why do you like Ben Bates when he draws characters with blocky tails, super-deformed proportions, and an unnecessary amount of cuteness?

I could answer every point of that line of questioning with ‘Because I like that stylistic choice’- and that’s pretty much what it is. But I’ll try to avoid doing that too much.

1. I went and had a look to see if I could find what you’re talking about it. If you could cite me an issue on that we’ll see. That could be an issue with one of the inkers- I’ve complained before about one of the inkers putting unnecessary edges on things before.

2. Perhaps I’m not grasping the jist of this argument- Sonic’s head is his largest feature with a tiny little torso, feet larger than his torso, and hands that fall somewhere between the size of his feet and torso.

The proportions aren’t exactly realistic in any sense. Unless you mean for female characters like Sally and Bunnie and how they’ve changed over the years from a cartoony set of proportions to a more ‘human’ set of proportions and then back again. I think the cartoon look fits better for the world’s aesthetics and makes everything more cohesive.

I really don’t see how Ben Bate’s art is anymore proportionally ‘incorrect’ than this is or the SEGA!Sonic I put above.

3. Failing to see the ‘unnecessary’ amounts of cuteness thing too. The pupils on the character’s eyes could possible stand to be a little less wide for a more slim, narrow look, but after that it’d be on par with the standards SEGA has more or less set themselves. That’s including things like giving female characters small mouths.

But to answer your overall question- I like Ben Bates because I do. If you don’t like his stuff, well fuck sorry to hear that.

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