what are your thoughts on this whole current mess penders has rendered the current comic arc into? are the echidnas *really* gone, or, is archie just brushing them aside for now until things cool off? i'm finding mixed messages in my search for the facts, i was hoping you could straighten them out!

My thoughts? You’d have to take them with a pinch of salt because I honestly don’t know any more than anyone else and I probably can’t straighten out any ‘facts’. I’ve heard some mumblings that the timing of the comic’s writing period (comics are written months in advance) coincides with the time period of Archie firing their previous legal team in the copywrite case. So it may have to do with the new legal team telling them to ixnay on anything linked to Penders for safety’s sake. At the very least, the echidnas have been ‘disposed of’ in a non-permanent matter- depending on how things go with the settlement, they can be easily retrieved if needed. It seems to be fucking up Ian’s plans as of late and I do have to wonder how things were ‘supposed’ to be. Either way I find knowing the politics behind the comics is souring my enjoyment of the comics themselves.

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